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ULTRA NT SCIF Barrier - SOLID RF Shielding Barrier. This product has undergone rigorous testing following IEEE-299 guidelines and has achieved a minimum shielding effectiveness of 106.8 dB (100 MHz – 10 GHz).

ULTRA NT SCIF Barrier - SOLID RF Shielding Barrier is designed for use in Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIFs) to enhance security and protection within these environments. Its primary objective is to prevent the transmission of electromagnetic signals, sound, and physical vibrations that could compromise the confidentiality of sensitive information.

We have included a comprehensive product testing report in our technical data sheet below to support our product performance claims. The testing was conducted at MET Laboratories, Inc., 914 West Patapsco Avenue in Baltimore, Maryland. We assure you that all the equipment used for the physical determinations is accurate and has recent traceability to the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The testing process adhered to the guidelines outlined in IEEE-299. CLICK HERE - To download the technical data sheet and product testing report.

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