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We Are The Only Authorized USA Distributor Of ULTRA NT SCIF BARRIER - (800) 753-9090
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56 roll pallet of ULTRA NT SCIF Barrier - Solid - 48" x 125' (500 sq/ft).

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ULTRA NT SCIF BARRIER - Solid. Our product has minimum shielding effectiveness of 91.7 dB measured between 30 MHz and 18 GHz. Our 28-page comprehensive test proves our product's performance claims and is government-approved for use in Sensitive Compartmentalized Information Facilities (SCIF's).

  • 91.7 minimum dB measured between 30 MHZ and 18 GHz.
  • 28-page comprehensive test report
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime limited warranty

The Importance of a comprehensive product testing report. The only guarantee that you are purchasing a product that will perform up to your supplier's claims is their complete product testing report. We cannot stress the Importance of having a comprehensive test report from your supplier in your files for documentation and backup. Furthermore, this needs to be the complete test report and not just segments from the test report. Please don't buy any product without the comprehensive test report.

CONSUMER ALERT: We are the only authorized distributor in the United States for ULTRA NT SCIF Barrier. Don't be mislead by our competitors using our ULTRA NT SCIF Barrier product name without our permission. To get a product quote or to place an order, please call (800) 753-9090.