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MET Lab's Approved SCIF

MET Lab's Approved SCIF

Here at Ultra NT SCIF Barrier (a division of National Building Supply), we're proud to offer the only MET Laboratories, Inc. approved SCIF product. 

We provided several samples of our Ultra NT SCIF Barrier - Solid to MET Labs for EME testing to evaluate the shielding effectiveness using IEEE-299 Shielding Effectiveness test techniques. MET Laboratories, Inc. is the nation's first licensed nationally recognized testing laboratory.

MET Report: EMC96978-IEEE Rev. 3
August 14, 2018

Tests to examine multiple metallic impregnated paper test samples for ULTRA NT SCIF Barrier for the purpose of determining the overall shielding effectiveness, using IEEE-299 Shielding Effectiveness test techniques as a guideline for this evaluation.

Test Criteria
Shielding Effectiveness of the EUT, for the purpose of this test, is the difference, expressed in decibels (dB), of the received RF field strength (in dBuV/m) when the receive antenna is illuminated by electromagnetic energy in the test equipment calibration configuration (Direct) and compared to the received RF field strength (in dBµV) through an electromagnetic barrier in the test measurements configuration (Indirect). The difference between the Direct (in dBµV) and the Indirect (in dBµV) is the SE as detailed in the following equation:

Antenna Factors, cable loss, and other test equipment attenuation are normalized out of the equation above, and therefore, do not need to be accounted for.

Test Site
All testing shall be performed at MET Laboratories, Inc., 914 West Patapsco Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21230. All equipment used in making physical determinations is accurate and bears recent traceability to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Description of Test Sample
The ULTRA NT SCIF Barrier, Equipment under Test (EUT) is a foil sheet.

Purpose of Test
The purpose of the test contained within is to obtain shielding effectiveness attenuation values (in dB) of multiple metal-coated tent fabric materials to document the electromagnetic spectrum attenuation properties for mobile electromagnetically shielded enclosure construction.

Click here to view the full test report.

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